We wish you a happy and prosperous 2016! It’s an election year, so historically a positive market year! Of course, we cannot predict or promise anything.  


Did you know at the end of the year Matson Money is the Free Market Funds ex-dividend date?       http://www.investopedia.com/terms/e/ex-dividend.asp  

Dividends and capital gains distributions generated by the funds come at the end of each year. Dividends are not paid out until the dividend date, but are reinvested into the funds all year long and are part of your returns. Below is a summary of these distribution amounts:

Ticker Fund Name Per Share Distribution Amount Record Date NAV Percent
FMNEX Free Market International Fund 0.32 9.25 3.43%
FMFIX Free Market Fixed Income Fund 0.02 10.22 0.15%
FMUEX Free Market U.S. Equity Fund 1.26 16.40 7.70%

For clarity, the record date is the date on which the fund company will determine who are shareholders of the fund and which shares will be paid a dividend. Shares of the Free Market Funds held on the record date (12/29/2015) will earn the dividends and their share of the capital gains distributions.

The ex-dividend date is the first day on which any shares purchased will not receive the dividend and capital gains distributions. On the ex-dividend date the fund share prices will drop by the amount of the dividend (+/- any market movement for the day). This sudden (and temporary) drop in price frequently is cause of concern and inquiry. This is the primary reason we bring it to your attention. 

Here’s an Analogy: Say you go out to lunch with a friend, but the friends forgets their wallet, so you pay the bill with your debit card. Your checking account balance goes down, then they pay you back the next day and you deposit in into your checking account, the balances goes back up by that same amount.

On the payment date 1/4/2016 (market is closed 1/1/2016), the dividends and capital gains will be paid and reinvested thus bringing the price back up to where it was prior to the drop on the ex-dividend date (+/- and market movement for the day).


The older we get the less complexity we want, so here are a few suggestions to simplify your life and say “good-bye” to financial stress:

1.      Automate to save time and energy:

                                            I.            Pay your fixed expenses online from the source or from your bank’s pay bills section online, for such things as tithing, utilities, mortgage, car payments, giving, etc. Never again write a check for these items. Save enough money this month so you will always have an excess in your bank/credit union’s checking account to cover all your monthly or periodic fixed expenses.  

                                          II.            Your personal investing, whether it be your Roth, or building up your Emergency or Vacation accounts. It’s so easy to save and invest when it’s done automatically each month as you don’t even see it or have to make a decision with it!

2.      Save 15%-20% EVERY Payday: Set up your employer’s retirement plan with WWC’s FREE Retirement Plan Management program, which simulates the Free Market philosophy. Contact Deb to set this up.

3.      Transfer OLD Money: Consolidate all old retirement accounts that you no longer contribute to over to Matson Money. Once all your money is in the less expensive globally diversified Free Market Nobel Prize winning philosophy, you’ll have less costs and more Peace of Mind.

4.      Spending Plan:

                                            I.            Plan your budget well ahead of time, so you don’t make emotional buying decisions that can ruin your plans.

                                          II.            Debt: Live below your means and pay off your debts. Reduce your credit cards down to 1 or 2 and pay them off on line each month.

5.      More Money Saving Ideas:

A.   Phones:

                                           I.      Close your cell phone apps after using, especially when on  the global cellular plan.   Global roaming is very expensive!

                                         II.      Use cell phones and/or phones like Skype, Ooma, Magic Jack, or Vonage to eliminate your land line phone.

                                       III.      Review and compare plans yearly

B. Home Heat:

                                                I.            Automate your home’s thermostat during the winter to go cooler in the evening while sleeping.

                                              II.            Keep ceiling fans on low throughout your home and your furnace blower on to keep the different floors’ temperatures regulated and constant.

C. On your Computer:

                                                   I.            Scan and email documents instead of faxing or mailing

                                                 II.            Email or share pictures instead of using your cell phone’s data.

                                               III.            Set up power saving schedule to hibernate and turn off hard disks.

6.      Read a lot? Go to or login online to your library and read books for free. Get a Kindle type electronic book, where books are about $10 each. You can have about 1,000 books on this small lightweight device at a time. Plus many Kindle books are free!


Be thankful you consistently own the global market and do NOTHING on speculation! Here is a very informative article by Michael Schuman in Bloomberg Businessweek. He says, “some 3 billion people will enter the middle class by 2050, almost all of them in the developing world.”   http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-09-03/emerging-markets-are-still-the-future


We have a handful of 2016 WWC Monthly Planner Booklets left after sending them out to the clients who requested them. If you would like one, please contact Deb.


Where do you find a link to videos only WWC clients can view? If you answered on the WWC website, the answer is NO! Your private educational videos are only available when you click the link at the end of this and every monthly UPDATE newsletter. Please click the link and watch your videos.


The more you understand how the Nobel Prize winning Free Market works, the less stress you will experience and the better your expectations and reactions of the market will be. Every year we tell you the same thing, because you know TRUTH does not change. As you do your 2016 Homework, you will learn more than you did last year, as your experiences are a year older and wiser!

1.      Watch our very short www.WordhouseWealthCoaching.com website videos to refresh your knowledge of Free Market Investing principals.

2.      Re-read our book, Stress-Free Investing, also to get a deeper understanding and to learn from all the true client stories we write about.

3.      Attend any classes and events we put on during 2016. Each one is a learning experience for you and your loved ones, so be sure to invite them!


Many of your heirs have moved, or gotten married.   We want current information in case something happens to you and they contact us. We want to make sure we are speaking to your current heir. If your heirs are not yet our clients, please send us your Heir List.

If you graduated to heaven today, would your heirs be ready to handle their financial windfall? Phyllis is putting a class together especially for heirs.   Watch for it this summer.


Phyllis is working and using her personal cell phones in Mexico, so feel free to call her at 734-718-0955, or her Ooma phone 734-404-7090. Both numbers are local calls for you. If you get the answering machine, please leave a complete message and she’ll call you back on Ooma or Skype.


If you are on the internet, please request us to become your Facebook friends, so we can watch your activities and family trips! Please also become our friends on the Wordhouse Wealth Coaching and Stress-Free Investing’s Facebook pages.


As we have done in previous years, in lieu of sending gifts to clients, we donate to a ministry. This past year we donated to Lee Short Ministries International (www.lsmi.org), the Mexican mission Phyllis and Jerry volunteer at when teaching English. Check out their link to read all about this USA ministry. Dr. Lee and Carol Short, help raise poor Mexicans, Dominican Republic residents, and Haitians out of poverty, teach them about Jesus Christ, and mentor local pastors in these three countries to start other missions.   Come to Mexico and check out the mission, and bring your kids!


What does JPMORGAN Chase & Co have in common with WFG Investments, Berthel Fisher & Co, LPL Financial, Stifel Nicolaus & Co, Century Securities, Morgan Stanley, Ladenburg Thalmann Financial, Wells Fargo, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, and J.S. Oliver Capital Management, just to name a few? Yes! They all have paid very expensive fines for failure to follow the FINRA rules! JPMorgan will pay more than $300 Million to settle US allegations of lack of transparency. Check it out this link.



Your referrals and repeat business pay us the ultimate compliment, thank you so much! Please feel free to forward our monthly UPDATE newsletter to your family and friends. It does not matter where they live, as long as they have a US address. We are here to help brainstorm on any financial and/or lifestyle needs.  Do not hesitate to contact us. Think of us as your financial sisters.

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