Maria J. Kuitula

Ms. Maria J Kuitula has been the President of Wordhouse Wealth Coaching (WWC) since 2008. She believes that utilizing the Modern Portfolio Theory is the only way to invest for peace of mind. She helps investors align their true purpose for life with their spending and investing decisions. Maria is a Qualified Member of the Kingdom Advisors, and went through their personal 3 year coaching process in Atlanta. Maria co-authored the Stress-Free Investing book with Phyllis. Since 2000, Maria has been instrumental in developing the technical analysis of our clients’ investment portfolios. She also is instrumental in helping WWC become more efficient and paperless. Maria comes to us with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Photography from The Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York. She moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan and married Don Kuitula her college sweetheart. They have 2 wonderful children. After working in ophthalmic photography for 10 years. Now Maria is following in Phyllis’ footsteps educating people about the truths and lies of investing. Maria is the youngest daughter of Phyllis and Jerry Wordhouse.

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