Are you getting together with your loved ones and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving? Have some fun with them! Ask them to share what they are thankful for without saying the word “I”. This helps them focus on others in their appreciation and thankfulness, instead of focusing on themselves. We are all so rich! Not necessarily monetarily, but just by living in a free and progressive country, we have so many blessings that we all take for granted. Compare your life with most of the students we teach at the Mission in Mexico, who live in homes made of pallet boards and shower curtains. If the child brings home new clothes given to them at the Mission, many times the parents will sell the clothes to get money. We are so blessed, let’s take the time this Thanksgiving to share with others what they mean to us and how thankful we all are.


The Free Market message is always the same, as truth never changes! Experienced WWC Clients who have ridden the Free Market waves during various Market cycles know our 3 rules. However, we have so many new clients, thanks to all your referrals to your loved ones, we need to repeat the same message frequently!   Fortunately, repetition is good even for the smartest of brains!

Rule #1: Always have a portion of your money invested into global equities (All Matson Money (MM) portfolios hold global equities. However, NO money manager has any portfolio as globally diversified as the Matson Money Free Market Portfolios).

Rule #2: Periodically rebalance your portfolio (Matson Money lists on your MM Statement what their target is for each of their 23 different Asset Class Mutual Funds. They rebalance your portfolios automatically, as needed.)

Rule #3: HOLD your portfolio for your lifetime, and teach your loved ones to do the same (How sad it is to see Free Market inheritances move into heirs’ Wall Street active trading accounts.) Did you know that studies report that 70% of inheritances do not last longer than 3 years?


“OCTOBER: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous month to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February.”
“There are two times in a man’s life when he should not speculate: when he can’t afford it and when he can.” Mark Twain Pudd’nhead Wilson’s Calendar

Moral of the story: BUY and HOLD even when the market dips as history shows the market always cycles back up!


We are wrapping up another year which is a great time to review your budget. Take an hour or two and review your spending and saving habits. We encourage you to save 15% – 20% of your gross income for your future. Be determined to make the hard budget decisions today, so that you can live a secure and worry free life when you no longer earn income.   You may find this calculator helpful when compiling your expenses http://dinkytown.com/java/HomeBudget.html


The more you know, the more you can protect yourselves. The American Greed TV program exposes many different scams and scandals in all areas of life, most people never hear of. Here is an article about 12 Financial Advisors who put themselves first and clients last. LINK


We are pleased to mail you our landscape calendar for 2016 and many of our clients say they find them very helpful and easy on the eyes. Please enjoy it all year long and share the extra copy, possibly bring it to work or share it with a friend. We have found that they are particularly useful in medical offices, to schedule appointments several weeks or months ahead.


There is an excellent article in the Oct. 5-11 Bloomberg Businessweek: The New Money Issue titled “Heir Conditioning”. It focuses on the super wealthy, however the article is excellent for the average wealthy family also, those with $500,000+ net worth. The focus of this article is that the generation that inherits the wealth without working for it (sweat equity), typically spends their inheritance unwisely and/or loses it.

One of the statistics quoted from Preparing Heirs, a book that we have frequently recommended you read, whose authors followed 3,250 families from 1975 to 1995, is “70% of inheritors failed in passing their fortunes on to the next generation.” The overwhelming reason, the authors found, was either a breakdown in family communication or unprepared heirs. Just 3% of failures were attributed to such issues as taxes or legal challenges. The solution in the article was for wealthy family members to set up a training program for their heirs. Are you wanting to make sure your heirs are conditioned?

1.      Take them to our website and watch our 70+ short 2-3 minute Free Market Videos with them during 2016.
2.      Give them a copy of Stress-Free Investing (contact Deb for complimentary copies)
3.      We will gladly teach a class next summer just for our clients’ heirs. Just ask.
4.      Have them write out your checks, especially the internet, cable, phone, utility and tithing checks.
5.      Establish a family volunteering activity, where your whole family volunteers at a favorite ministry. Seeing how other people live and experiencing some of the trials poor people have to deal with is a wonderful teaching reality tool.

Reading suggestions and also excellent gifts: Books for those interested in Heir Conditioning: Preparing Heirs by Roy Williams & Vic Preissler; The Giving Myths by Stephen B. Mc Swain; Silver Spoon Kids by Eileen Gallo and Jon Gallo; Splitting Heirs by Ron Blue; Beyond the Grave by Gerald M. Condon and Jeffrey L. Condon; Navigating the Dark Side of Wealth by Thayer Cheatham Willis; The Ultimate Gift (book or video) by Jim Stovall, The Golden Ghetto by Jessie O’Neill; I Inherited a Fortune! by Paul J. Meyer; and Preserving Family Wealth & Peace of Mind by Loren Dunton and Kim Ciccarelli Banta. Contact Deb or Maria if you cannot find the books, and you can borrow our copy.


We appreciate all the support you have given us during Phyllis and Jerry’s transition from Plymouth to Grand Rapids. No matter where you are located or where we are, we are ready to help you and your loved ones whenever you need us!   Please “friend” us on Facebook to see what we are up to and to share your activities with us. We love to see what you are doing with all your free time, now that you are not worrying about the market! Please also “friend” our FB pages: Wordhouse Wealth Coaching and also Stress-Free Investing.


Phyllis and Jerry are leaving for Mexico Nov. 2 and you are invited to come to Mexico for your WWC appointment! If you come, you might also chose to attend the Mission with us while you are there, and see the happiest children in the area.   They are the poorest of the poor, love Jesus, are learning English, and are contented and happy without all the trappings of modern day culture.   You are welcome to stay with us! Just let us know when you are wanting to come, to make sure we have one of our 3 bedrooms available for you. We will also pick you up at the Puerto Vallarta airport!


Your referrals and repeat business pay us the ultimate compliment, thank you so much. Please feel free to forward our monthly UPDATE newsletter to your family and friends. It does not matter where they live, as long as they have a US address.   We are here to help brainstorm on any financial and/or lifestyle needs.   Do not hesitate to contact us! Think of us as your financial sisters.

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