1.    Worry is not productive. Only God knows the future, so don’t listen to people who predict the future. They don’t know!
2.    Tax-Free Mutual Funds do not fit in a Free Market portfolio as they are globally undiversified bond funds and don’t have any potential for growth.
3.    Your retirement savings is for you, not your children. Help them with funds you won’t need during retirement.   Too much help can hurt your children’s motivation, so be very careful how much you give them.
4.    Keep balance in your life. Take time to play and enjoy life. You cannot take your money with you, so have some fun while investing!
5.    Keep learning and stay active, no matter how old you are as it keeps your mind active and opens you to other cultures and ideas.
6.    You are investing for your long term goals and needs. Do not be discouraged by recent volatility. History shows us that the market over time goes up.


Ponzi schemes come in all shapes and sizes. Here is a $52 Million Ponzi Scheme concerning the green environment. http://patriotpost.us/posts/37460


Most of the clients you have referred to us so far this year have been your family members! We LOVE helping multi-generations of the same family and appreciate the trust you have in Wordhouse Wealth Coaching. Young or old, beginning investors or experienced investors, we will happily help all levels of net worth’s as long as they have a US address.

Since Matson Money opened their own Free Market Funds in 2008, there is NO MINIMUM investment requirement. Help your relatives save money as referred new clients get their MRI/Free Market Investment Analysis for half price! Also help your loved ones eliminate investment stress by giving them our website address to watch our Investor Education videos and by giving them a copy of our Stress-Free Investing book! We have had over 16,000 views of our educational videos

2015 TAXES

This year is slipping by and there are only 3 months left. Is your 2015 TAX FOLDER up to date? Now is a good time to catch up any items that will be needed for your tax person. Phyllis starts her taxes this month, before leaving for Mexico. We are working with Schwab and Matson Money making sure all Cost Basis reports are complete.


Organization makes finding items so much easier and reduces stress. Having just moved from Plymouth to a smaller condo in Grand Rapids, made us think twice about what we kept, what we gave to ministries, and what we tossed. You don’t have to move to do this. Look around your home and see if there are items you can give away or toss to make your life less complicated.

As we get older it’s good to simplify our lives. As you organize your papers, please make a list for your loved ones as to where your important papers are kept.

We have many articles on our website, under the Wealth Coaching tab, about what questions to ask your elderly parents, so you know what assets your parents own and how they want to disperse them. Adult children need to know certain things in order to help fulfil their parent’s wishes. Are you a parent that is prepared for your children to take over? Talk to them before it’s too late.


At the end of each monthly UPDATE we have a link that all clients, especially our new WWC clients need to watch. These short educational videos talk about how to read your quarterly Matson Money Statement and other pertinent information. These videos are on our WWC website, but the only way to view them is through the link.


Are your estate planning documents over 10 years old?   If so, contact your Estate Planning Attorney and see if they need to be updated. Please email us a copy.


Be sure to cross-cut shred anything personal that you no longer need, including envelopes with your name and address on it.   Financial records over 5 years old can be shredded. NEVER toss your personal taxes in the junk without shredding.


Many of you received a letter this week from Schwab regarding a cash feature change in your account, which may have been confusing. Cash is one of your asset classes that holds cash and receives dividends until it is reinvested. The funds were held in a Government Cash portfolio which were FDIC insured with another bank as Schwab did not have an FDIC option.   Now Schwab has a FDIC cash holding option for this purpose and that is what the notice is about. You will not notice any change to your portfolio and how it is allocated.

All accounts opened as of 10/1/2014 and later have already been placed into this Bank Sweep Cash Feature.  Schwab accounts opened prior to 10/1/2014 that have a household balance of less than $500,000 will be moved into the Bank Sweep Cash Feature.  This will automatically be done by 10/1/2015.


Your referrals and repeat business pay us the ultimate compliment, thank you so much. Please feel free to forward our monthly UPDATE newsletter to your family and friends. It does not matter where they live, as long as they have a US address. We are here to brainstorm on any financial and/or lifestyle needs.   Do not hesitate to contact us! Think of us as your financial sisters.

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