Stress-Free Investing Book

In 1982, God dramatically changed my (Phyllis’) life and directed me to help other vulnerable women understand the truths about how to eliminate investing stress. However, this information isn’t just for women; it is for everyone… female or male, young or old, anyone who wants to become a successful Investor and avoid financial abuse. We admit, our passion is to help other mature Christian women, the most vulnerable of the vulnerable, so if it seems that this book is biased towards women, you are right; it is! However, our passion is to save all Investors, young and old.

This book is for people who know they need to invest but are confused by all the conflicting messages they hear and don’t know how to invest or whom to trust. They don’t want to read financial newspapers, don’t want to watch financial TV programs, don’t want to pick stocks, don’t want to trade in and out of the market, and don’t want to pay lots of investment costs.

This book is for people who want to focus on their life purpose and not be stressed about investing.

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