Wealth Coaching Introduction

The Wealth Coaching process can give you financial peace of mind, so you can stop worrying about your future. It can help you find happiness as it guides you in the TRUTH of investing by teaching you how to make wise choices as you journey through your life’s stages. It is all about your relationships and what you value, not your net worth. Are you overwhelmed and frustrated? If so, try answering these questions:

  • Are you smart but feel that you are missing out on getting good returns?
  • Do you feel betrayed by the mutual fund company scandals and the advisors you have worked with?
  • Do you feel overloaded with information from the media?
  • Do you feel like you do not know whom to trust?

Wealth Coaching uses the academic Nobel Prize-winning Free Market philosophy in helping investors look at their current situation and seeing if they are integrating their virtues and beliefs into their Investment Philosophy. We accomplish this by taking you through a series of analyses and processes:

  • MRI /Free Market Investment Analysis: measures your current portfolio against the Free Market/Modern Portfolio Theory.  We discover how prudently you are diversified and how much risk you are currently taking to determine if your returns are appropriate for your risks. Free Market portfolios are prudently diversified in 21-plus different asset classes in the stocks and bonds of 81 different countries.
  • The Free Market has more than 21,700 unique holdings.
  • Retirement Plan Management: Your Wealth Coach will advise you how to invest in your employer’s retirement plan to obtain as similar a portfolio as possible to the Free Market philosophy.
  • Retirement Cash Flow: Your Wealth Coach will calculate your projected retirement income and expenses to make sure you invest according to your unique retirement needs.
  • True Purpose for Money/Life: this process helps determine why God put you on earth now. What is your true purpose, and how will you make a difference and impact the world?